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Anonymous asked: Thanks for the reply/tips. I'm the anon who submitted the latest post. I didn't know who to ask, and you seem like you know about this kind of stuff. I was just surprised he made a move on me. And he was super polite and subtle about it. A girl way hotter than me hit on him like crazy and he turned her down, which made no sense to me (so she moved on to his photographer). Anyway, I like this guy, but I'm concerned about him being married. Do other girls ever think of their bandmens families?

Tsunagari and mitsu pay no mind to jrockers family..but then again..,jrockers pay no mind too….

Just be careful if he is well known and married…it could create more shit for you than anyone else.

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Anonymous asked: I've recently been to a well-known jrocker's show (he's not VK, per se, anymore). My first experience of the kind, I was intimidated by EVERYTHING. Considering he's married & rumored to be a complete diva bitch, I expected there'd be something wrong with him which would break the "ideal" image of him and that there'd be no way I could approach him. Turns out - he IS perfect. I shit you not. Made me so nervous, I turned him down. Idiot. Should I go for it next time, or is it too good to be true?

Going by what you said, my guess would be that he seems ‘perfect’ because its been practiced. If he’s been in the industry for a long time, he’s going to be good at the whole fake personality thing.

Also, if he’s been around for a while, is married yet still picks up girls, he’s probably going to be a complete tool.

But if you still want to get some, then sure, go for it. Just be prepared for the shitstorm if any of his fangirls find out.

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Anonymous asked: Any non white women or non asian have luck with visual kei boys?

It’s not about your ethnicity, it’s about weather you are a douche or not and can communicate in japanese.

If you tick both boxes then no worries. I know several girls from different backgrounds with different skin colours who have gotten lucky.

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cutelittlebrat01 asked: Just a question, what is your job exactly when it comes to jrockers/visual kei scene? I'm new to your blog ^^; I'm just asking cause I'm trying myself to get into working in that type of music scene when I move to japan in the next few years. Also do you have anything on Takeru from SuG? I know he's hard to get info on but it would be appreciated

Im a photographer.

As for takeru, I will take a look and get back to you.

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Anonymous asked: Got any new dickpics?

Sadly no….dick stories, but no dick picks.

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Anonymous asked: Oh wow, Awake anon, I understand that you find it crazy that eru beats up girls, but hilarious? Seriously?! Like fuckyeahvisual said, doing that kind of stuff really isn't cool nor funny. It's fucking psycho!

Yeah. Not cool man. Totally not cool.

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I do love my job.

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